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Welcome to Downriver Hydro Online!

We understand that you, the grower, have choices when it comes to purchasing your Hydroponics Products. So, the obvious question is, why should you purchase from us? Let us explain...


On the retail level, we want to earn you business by understanding your projects with considerations to your budget. We want to provide you with only what you need to assure your growing success. We want to assist you every step of the way as you need us. We consider growers to be part of our family, whether they are our customer or someone else's. 


We Provide Information You Need

We provide the information and have the knowledge that ensures you of a successful harvest. We want you to know that you are dealing with a company that knows growing and cares about its customers. Do you have plants that are covered with bugs? Not all bugs are bad, the answers are here. Do you have weak looking plants? Is it a deficiency or is it a disease? The answers are here. Are there steps I can take to prevent plant diseases and deficiencies? The answer are here.


Did you know not all bugs are bad bugs. Visit our good bugs and bad bugs pages to help you know which is which. Then call our knowledgeable staff and have them explain all of the reasons you should introduce good bugs to all of your growing projects


Plant diseases are treatable. The best way to treat them is to first identify the disease, and then understand the proper treatment.  Visit our section on plant diseases to help you

 determine what might be ailing your crop and see what treatment is recommended. If you are unsure that you have properly identified the disease, call us and we will help. We have the right products to solve all plant diseases and deficiencies. Call us for information, come in to our retail store or for your convenience you can find the products and buy them online. Visit our online store for all your hydroponics growing equipment and supplies.

Our Commitment To You

Our commitment to you is to put your needs ahead of our profits. We do this by first understanding what you are attempting to do and then explain to you the different ways of accomplishing it. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of products, explain the difference in the products and explain the pricing of the products. We explain why you do not need the most expensive products to achieve the best results. It is not always the cost of a product or the name brand of the product, many times it comes down to the information, knowledge and expertise of the people selling the product. This is where and why we are the difference!  

Contact Information

Downriver Hydro
19280 Allen Road
Brownstown, MI 48183
Phone: 734.301.3745

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